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Freaks AirSword Juggling Knives

For those of you who’ve been juggling for some time you’ve probably already heard of the Freaks juggling knives. Our original knife was widely acclaimed and used by some of the best performers around the world. But availability was always very limited due to the enormous amount of work needed to produce them.

Well, we’ve now come up with a new and much improved version of our knife which is way ahead of its predecessor. The new Freaks AirSword is made using one of the highest quality stainless steels available, which is incredibly tough and totally rustproof and with a stunning mirror finish. The AirSword is beautifully balanced and a delight to juggle with because it handles very similar to a normal juggling club. It looks absolutely lethal and actually looks like a large real knife (rather than the usual Sinbad the Sailor design as used for most other juggling knives!...). 

Our new improved production facilities mean that we are now able to produce even higher quality and still be able to offer our new knife at a very appealing price!
We already have a waiting list for the AirSword and we expect demand to be high so if you want to be one of the first jugglers to get your hands on a set you’ll need to watch this space. More details coming soon...


More Details Soon

The picture on the left shows the mark II version of the Freaks Knife which has been out of production for over 10 years.

You’ll have to hang on just a little while longer before we unveil the new AirSword.

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